How do I restore a backup of my website, or individual file?

You may retrieve a backup of any file or directory from the past 90 days

You MUST login to cPanel Directly from
You cannot login via the Client Area to access backups.

1. Login to cPanel (How to login to cPanel)
2. Click on R1Soft Restore Backups icon.

Once you are logged in you will see the previous 90 Restore Points, along with these icons.

 - Browse Files, Directory Icon (double click a directory icon for it to open). To get to the root directory of your website click the Directory Icon, then double click Home, then look for public_html, that is where all the files that are live on the internet are stored. You can then select to Restore Selected or Download Selected.

 - Browse Databases

 - Click this to download your entire backup from that point.

More Info at


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