How do I generate a CSR to install a 3rd Party SSL Certificate?

To generate a CSR you will need to login to your cPanel and click on SSL/TLS Manager in the Security Section.

There is a three step process to install a Secure Certificate:

1. Generate a Private Key, scroll down to Generate New Key, select your domain and click Generate.

2. Go Back to the SSL/TLS Manager and now click on Certificate Signing Requests and your domain will pre filled in the form, complete the form and hit generate.

3. You now have a CSR to request your Secure Certificate. You will need to purchase your Cert from an authorized secure certificate provider. Once you have purchased and received your Certificate you will need to copy and paste it into the Certificates section of SSL/TLS Manager and click Upload. You should then receive a Certificate Completion message.

Better yet, why don't you consider purchasing one of our SSL Certs and have us handle the whole process?

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